Classes at DancEdge

The Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) are educational leaders in the dance industry. At DancEdge School of Performing Arts we offer our very own Musical Theatre program, Acro, and follow the ATOD syllabi for Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. We also have a range of recreational and adult classes in these genres. Students are given non-compulsory opportunities to take exams in ATOD syllabi, perform in concerts, and join performance troupe as we believe in students growth. DancEdge School of Performing Arts prides itself on creating a safe and nurturing environment that students can thrive in at their own pace.

Little Dreamers (2–4 years)

At DancEdge we have developed a unique program for children aged between 2 and 4 years focusing on co-ordination and gross motor skills along with a basic understanding of music.  We love to explore children’s imagination and use themes to help them explore creative movement.

Little Movers (4–5 years)

The progression from our Little Dreamers program is Little Movers.  In this program we introduce children to the basic movements in a variety of the dance styles offered at DancEdge.


Our Classical Ballet classes are progressive and comprehensive. Students receive an anatomical approach to their technique and a student-centred method allowing them to reach their own full potential while progressing with the class.


Our Tap classes are modern with a technical foundation. Students can build a sound understanding of musicality using the floor to create their own beats and rhythms with their feet.


Our jazz classes are energetic, technique focussed, and allow students opportunities to improvise and learn about their own creative process in choreography.


In this fun and dynamic class your child will develop strength and flexibility as they explore the variety of shapes their bodies can create.

Musical Theatre

The main focus for this class is developing strong singing techniques along with exploring all things drama.


Following the ATOD Syllabi, our Contemporary classes are progressively structured for students from age 9-10 with Classical Ballet training. Our classes are carefully constructed and provide an innovative system of training in Contemporary dance. Students are also provided opportunities to improvise and learn about their own creative process in choreography.

Hip Hop

Following the ATOD Syllabi, our Hip Hop classes keep this popular genre age appropriate and current. Individuality is encouraged throughout this comprehensive program and students are given opportunities to improvise and create their own pieces.