juniors_stripDancEdge Juniors are students enrolled in level 3, Bronze, Silver and junior recreational classes. Students in this group are generally aged 8-12 years*.

Acro Junior (intermediate)

As per the acro minis, with the extension of more independent strength work.  Strength rotations take up half the lesson with emphasis on core strength, cardio and introduction of light hand weights.  On the acro side they are still assisted with handstands but also work on partner handstands (they are taught how to catch and support), one handed cartwheels when the child is ready, continuous cartwheels, walking on hands, elbow stands and preparation for forward and back walkovers.  There is also a focus on stretching correctly to be able to do the splits.

Acro Junior (advanced)

As per the intermediate class with the expectation that they will be able to already be able to do splits, cartwheels (continuous and one handed), hold a handstand with correct technique, and have a decent range of back and shoulder flexibility for independent walkovers.  We will be working on elbow stand tic tocs, walkovers, roundoffs, and in some cases aerials.  The children will be encouraged to extend themselves with strength rotations, cardio and stretching. STRONG, FIT AND FLEXIBLE!

Junior Ballet (Level 3 – Bronze Star)

Students continue to build on their technical ballet base and it is at this level they first engage in the structured ATOD syllabus examinations.

Intermediate Ballet (Silver Medal – Silver Star)

Students at this level have usually undertaken ballet for at least two years and are now beginning to master the qualities and detail of ballet relevant to their level. It is also in the later levels of the Intermediate classes that students wishing to go en pointe will start pre-preparation work.

Junior Musical Theatre

Spontaneous improvisations, role play, singing technique and musicals, just some of the themes that our junior classes participate in throughout the year.


At this level, with the basic jazz technique under their belts, students will learn basic turns and leaps whilst exploring longer movement phrases and different genres within the jazz style.


Now that students have learnt how to “make music with their feet”, at this level, they will learn more difficult rhythms and tap combinations while drawing on their fundamental tap technique learnt in previous levels.


*Please note, ages listed under levels are merely for guidance. Students will be placed in classes recommended by Directors.