SeniorsDancEdge Seniors are students enrolled in Gold to Advanced levels. Students in this group are aged 13 years and above*.

Senior Ballet (Gold Medal – Advanced)

Classes for at this level are designed to develop students to individually reach their full potential and encompasses both the technical and artistic aspects of ballet. Senior ballet classes will generally include varying levels of pointe work.

Suitable for more advanced students with multiple years of ballet training, please enquire with DancEdge staff before enrolling your child in these classes.

Senior Theatrical

This class is a combination of both jazz and tap styles. Students will explore the many facets of these dance forms while learning dynamic movement phrases in a fast paced learning environment.

Senior Musical Theatre

A more advanced approach is taken at this level with the exploration of more mature themes within the drama syllabus as well as learning about different theatre practitioners. Students also learn more advanced singing technique including harmonizing.


*Please note, ages listed under levels are merely for guidance. Students will be placed in classes recommended by Directors.