M.O.D.E Diaries chapter 1

Week two!  WEEK TWO!!  How on earth did we get to week two and almost to the end of February already?!

In the back of my mind, I knew it was going to happen.  Here we were, wallowing in return to school/dancing bliss, reconnecting with our ‘dance friends’ we hadn’t seen since the end of last year and WHAMMO, week one is finished and week two is done and dusted!  Say whaaaaaat?

The warp speed of the weekly cycle has started and I’m certain that, before I know it, I’ll be in a tailspin of days blending into one and will find myself at Good Friday evening without a single Easter egg in my possession for the family.

So, what can we do to pull in the reins, rid ourselves of the hamster wheel of mayhem and feel a little more in control?  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Do make friends with other parents in your child’s class and establish a car pool system.  If you’re like most families, you have other children with a plethora of afternoon activities to ferry around alllllll week.  You’ll be amazed at how just one less drop off or pick up will lessen the stress.
  1. Do organise your fee payments.  If your money tree is looking a little limp and you can’t afford to pay a full term fee up front, set up a weekly or fortnightly direct debit to pay off your fees.  A little each week/fortnight is a little more manageable on the family finances and you’ll keep your dance principle happy.  This may be a hobby for your little one, but it is a livelihood for your principle… and nothing stresses people out more than being chased up for money.
  1. Do pass on responsibility to your child.  Last time I checked, our children were the ones dancing, not us.  Why then, should we be responsible for their belongings and preparation.  Don’t get me wrong, a five-year-old is flat out remembering to put their shoes on the right feet but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have some level of responsibility.  Start off small and make sure the jobs are age appropriate. Get them to pack their dance shoes in their bag or fill their drink bottle before class.  As they get older, teach them to do their hair, clean their shoes, etc.  You don’t have to be the one with everything at the ready each time they go to, or end, a class and you’re empowering them with every little bit of responsibility.  Yes, it might be easier and quicker for us to do it (and you may want to cry tears of frustration when it takes them 10 minutes to put on their tights), but it will get better and you’ll find yourself with more time to do other things (like enjoy a cup of coffee… ha!), rather than having to do it all.
  1. Do have a copy of the timetable with your child’s classes highlighted on the fridge, in the car and on your phone.  Why, you may ask?  Because there is nothing worse than not being able to remember what time a class starts or ends if you’ve had a particularly hectic day.  It also makes it easier when we have to enlist the help of Dance Dad or Dance Nanna for a pick up or drop off and we need to give them the vital information.
  1. Do check the dance studio website first.  We all have a list of questions a mile long at any one time, particularly at the beginning of the term.  It is for this very reason, the dance studio’s webpage should be your first port of call, rather than an email to the principle or hoping for a drop-in chat.  You may think the beginning of the term is hectic for you… try having to answer all of your questions multiplied by 250 and in 5-minute blocks in between classes!  Don’t get me wrong, they love getting to know their students and parents and are more than willing to help, but many of the answers you seek are Nanny McPhee… urgh on the website.

So, here’s to us all getting through the first term of 2018.  I’d like to say we’re going to sail through but in all honesty, I feel like we’re going to be hanging on for dear life!

Until next time


(Mother of a DancEdger)