Term 3, 12 July – 18 September 2021


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4

4:00-4:45pmLyrical Contemporary Pre-Medal 4:00-4:45pmAcro
Level 1
4:00-4:45pmAcro Pre-School
4:30-5:30pmStrength and conditioning Silver4:45-5:30pmJazz Funk Pre-Medal4:45-5:30pmAcro Level 3

4.45-5.30pmAcro Level 2
5:30-6:30pmStrength and conditioning Gold5:30-6:30pmLyrical Contemporary Bronze
6.30:7:30pmLyrical Contemporary Silver6.30:7:30pmFinding Centre Pilates
Matt Pilates


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4
9.30-10:30amFinding Centre Pilates
Mat Class

Over 50's
10:15-10:45amLittle Dreamers

12:30-1:15pmFinding Centre Pilates
Barre Express
4:00-4:45pmTap Level 2

4:00-4:45pmJazz Level 1
4:00-4:45pmJazz Level 3
4:00-4:45pmTap Pre-Medal
4:45-5:30pmTap Level 1

4:45-5:30pmJazz Level 24:45-5:30pmJazz Pre-Medal

4:45-5:30pmTap Level 3
5:30-6:30pmTap Bronze Medal5:30-6:30pmTap Bronze Star5:30-6:30pmJazz Senior
5:30-6:30pmJazz Silver
6:30-7:30pmFinding Centre Pilates
Mat Class

6:30-7:30pmJazz Bronze Medal6:30-7:30pmJazz Bronze Star
6:30-7:30pmTap Senior
7:30-8:30pmFinding Centre Pilates
Barre Class


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4
4:15-5:00pmJazz Funk Gold 4:00-4:45pmBallet Pre-Level4:00-5:00pmAcro Silver 4:00-5:00pmAcro Bronze
5:00-5:45pmJazz Funk Bronze
4:45-5:30pmBallet Level 1
5:00-6:00pmAcro Gold
5:45-6:30pmJazz Recreational a beginner Jazz class for students 12yrs +6:00-7:00pmTurns & Tricks


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4
10.15-10.45amLittle Dreamers
4:00-5:00pmBallet Level 3
5:00-6:00pmBallet Bronze Medal

4:45-5:45pmLyrical Contemporary Gold5:00-6:00Ballet Bronze Star
6:00pm-6.45pmAdult Tap

6:45-8:15pmBallet Gold Medal
6:45-8:00pmBallet Silver


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4


Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4
9:30-10:15amMusical Theatre Senior9:30-10:15amMusical Minis

9:30-10:15amLittle Movers
9:40-10:10amLittle Dreamers
10:15-11:00amMusical Theatre Junior
10:15-11:00amBallet Pre-level
10:15-11:00amJazz Funk Mini10:15-11.45amSenior Open Ballet & Pointe
11:00-11:45amBallet Level 1
11:00-12:00pmIntermediate Open Ballet
11:45-12:30pmBallet Level 212:00-2:30pmPerformance Troupes

12:00-2:00pmPerformance Troupes
12:10-1:10pmFinding Centre Pilates
Barre Class
12:30-1:30pmTroupe Mini
1:10-2:10pmFinding Centre Pilates
Mat Class
1:30-2:30pmBallet Level 3

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